Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day right around the corner, there isn’t much time to think about gifts. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest items geared toward fathers. All you have to do is pick out an item that fits the personality of your dear Dad (or husband) and buy it. It’s really that simple!

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas you can’t live without:

· A classic timepiece. The Shinola Bedrock is an exquisite piece designed with comfort in mind. It’s slimmer than other watches so that it fits well under formal apparel. Picture Dad in a suit or tux. This watch with its newly designed crown and texture dial looks as good as it feels to wear.

Photo via Shinola website. 

Photo via Shinola website. 

· A leather bag. It doesn’t matter what style of bag your Dad prefers, Shinola has one suited to meet his needs. There is the Rummel Backpack, the Large Carryall, and the E/W Messenger to choose from. Each has its own list of benefits. The oil pull-up leather helps distress the bags naturally which gives it a distinctive look that is rugged and unique. It’s the type of gift that provides years of use and enjoyment.

· A wrench or screwdriver set. Perfect for the Handyman in your life, the Shinola + Bondhus L-Wrench Set offers a variety of wrench sizes for all types of projects. It’s a moderately priced gift with a purpose. Each wrench comes in a different color to make it easier to see and use. The 12-Piece Screwdriver set with/Box is sleek and attractive. It comes with different types of screwdrivers that make project work easy. Even if the man in your life already has a set, he’d love to have this one because of how it’s perfectly organized.

· A leather scented candle. Detroit Rose’s manly scented Leather candle makes the perfect small, thoughtful gift. Its warm, musky smell is familiar to men. The candle combines the smell of mahogany wood, fresh hide, and tobacco to create a scent sensation that delivers each time it is lit.

Photo via Detroit Rose website. 

· A beard crate. A well-kept beard makes a great impression. That’s where The Beard Crate’s customizable Beard Crate comes in. Choose up to three bottles of Beard Elixir and three tins of Beard Butter with optional comb, mustache wax, beard shampoo and conditioner, and decal.

· The Will Leather Goods Silas Backpack. Available in multiple colors and perfect for wearing with a suit, this backpack comes with a lifetime guarantee. The vegetable-tanned bridle leathers add style and sophistication to the bag. It’s functional, sturdy, and attractive. It’s the type of present that withstands the test of time.

Photo via Will Leather Goods website. 

Photo via Will Leather Goods website. 

· A suit appointment or gift certificate for a custom suit. If the guy you love needs a new suit, here’s an idea that you don’t want to pass up. Book him a suit appointment at 1701 Bespoke or purchase a gift certificate so he can be custom fitted for the suit of his choice. Every time he gets dressed, he’ll remember the thoughtful gift you gave him.

Photo via 1701 Bespoke website. 

Photo via 1701 Bespoke website. 

· Batch Brewing Company Bottles to Go. For the beer drinker that can’t get enough of new batches, buy him Bottles to Go. Choices include Batch Brewing Company’s Second to Last Word, a sour ale, Empire Pale Ale, a pale ale, and Farewell Joe, a stout, among many other options.

Show Dad how much he means to you by giving him the perfect Father’s Day gift. The retailers mentioned here have everything you need to make it a day to remember. Get your gift for Dad today!

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