The Best 5 Cocktail Bars for Happy Hour

If you’re looking for a place to drink and hold a conversation after work, Happy Hour in Detroit offers plenty to look forward to. In addition to being held in some really cool locations, these daily events showcase the fine talent of bartenders and chefs throughout the city. Sample signature drinks and well-crafted menu items at a leisurely pace. There’s no hurry to get home when places like these exist!

Here are the five best cocktail bars for Happy Hour:

1.    Detroit City Distillery. Homemade liquor distilled onsite is a real crowd pleaser. That’s why so many people flock to this bar for cocktails. A small food menu makes the former Stroh’s Ice Cream factory the place to be during Happy Hour. Some of the signature spirits the distillery offers include Elvethea Gin, Peacemaker Gin, and Abarrare Gin. Small plates include Cheese with five cheeses with crackers, fresh fruit, fig jam, and pickled onion and Popcorn with truffle oil seasoned by sea salt and Sriracha.

2.    Grey Ghost. Enjoy some Midwestern hospitality at this cocktail bar. Whether you prefer your drinks shaken or stirred, there’s something for everyone. If you’re hungry, stay for dinner where you can order the Octopus Corndog, Jerk Chicken Wings or Bison Tartare among other delicious menu offerings. Don’t forget to take save room for dessert, too. Grey Ghost has plenty to offer, making this cocktail bar a favorite hangout.

3.    The Sugar House. 2017’s Year of the Cock[tail] celebrates a Chinese Zodiac themed-menu. If you’re looking for a fun way to unwind, this is how you do it. There are the 101 Classics, too, which feature the Air Mail which is made from old rum, lime, honey syrup, and cava as well as the Maple Leaf which is bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon. Ask about drink specials so you get to sample the finest offerings for less.

4.    Roast Detroit. Chef Michael Symon’s bar offers Happy Hour beverage service at 4 PM Monday through Friday. The food menu is served in the bar area 30 minutes after that. There are sandwiches, soups, chicken wings, and comfort foods such as Mac & Cheese and Rosemary Fries. All menu items are half off during Happy Hour. This gives you all the more reason to eat, drink, and be merry.

5.    The Skip. Enjoy some modern cocktails in the heart of Downtown Detroit. The Skip uses unique ingredients to add fresh takes on your favorite classic cocktails. Check out their fun and original drink recipes including Root Originals such as Just a Friend, Skip Old Fashioned, and Bar Fly. After drinks, explore the art of the BELT alleyway. Cocktails and art- what more could you ask for?

C’mon, get happy! The aforementioned list of businesses treat you right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or visiting Detroit. Knowing where to get the best Happy Hour Specials is a gift that keeps giving. You’ll be able to recommend the hottest spots for drinks and appetizers to your family and friends.