New Spot Alert: New Order Coffee

Friends! New Order Coffee just opened on Woodward and Katey and I got a sneak peek before the grand opening. Long story short, you have got to check it out.

Before walking in, we immediately noticed the large outdoor seating area. It’s in the shade, has a solid view of Woodward and Watson, and is the perfect spot for a cold brew in the summer.

Inside, the feel is light, airy and oh so welcoming. Lots of whites and taupes, with splashes of turquoise (my fave).

The next, very important, step of ours was to the sweets and treats area. We, of course, had to try all the samples. They were all fabulous, but I just have to point out the birthday cake. Not too sweet, not too overwhelmingly large, it’s the perfect size and taste for when you want to pretend it’s your actual birthday. Or just get a couple pieces for a buddy when a whole cake or 6 cupcakes is too many. The cake is a MUST try.


Another must try is the M&M Iced Mocha. Like wow. The director of Operations told us they literally melt down M&Ms and add it to their mocha concoction. It was incredible.

The foodie in me also wants you to know they sell Rx Bars (!!!) at the counter and an assortment of snacks to graze on while you type away or sip on your M&M Iced Mocha.

New Order Coffee is 100% #JadoreApproved

New Order is a new small-batch coffee roaster & café located in the Brush Park Neighborhood of Midtown Detroit. Founded with a gleeful defiance of the status quo, New Order has a singular aim: to delight and energize your everyday life.


Visit New Order Coffee at 3100 Woodward Ave.

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