Nothing Elegant: Cruel Summer Edition


Bring it to the Old Miami dance floor for a much needed Nothing Elegant summer session.

Two of our favorite DJs in the city, Lady Fantastic and Emily Thornstryker, will be playing back to back from 10 PM to last call.

After you get groovy with the ladies of Nothing Elegant, get cozy next to Old Miami’s famous bonfire.

Old Miami brings a diverse crowd and has something for everyone. It’s an approachable space for people of all ages. The bar has a cohesively random decor and live music most nights. The patio is so big it’s more like the bar’s backyard.

My favorite part of Old Miami is switching between working it on the dance floor and talking with friends by the fire. If you haven’t been, you need to go immediately- seriously, go while it’s still warm so you can fully enjoy the patio.

Click here for the event facebook page. 

See you tonight,

Boho Barbie