Visiting the Fed in Clarkston

If you’re looking for good food in the city of Detroit, you’ve come to the right place. Our very own Tara Mariam said, “New spot alert! Went to a brand-new restaurant, in Clarkston, and in an old bank tonight! The room in the old safe was amazing for a small party! It's called The Fed. Diverse menu includes sushi, flatbread, salads, tacos, and main entrees (fish, chicken, etc.).”

The restaurant’s Yelp page offers similar rave reviews. One business professional said it was his go-to spot to take clients and that he can eat there as many as five times a week. Another reviewer says it is “trendy, fun, gorgeous, a must-see perfection.” The ambiance is as important as the food because it draws people in from all over the nation.

Creating a place where people feel ‘fed’ isn’t easy. The competition is fierce in the area of delicious restaurants. The Fed, however, has a leg up on other establishments because of the diversity of its menu. Hungry restaurant-goers have their pick of mouth-watering meals with whichever protein they feel fits their mood.

If a play on the word ‘Fed’ which is an abbreviated form of ‘Federal’ which is used to refer to the nature of the bank the restaurant is housed in is not enough to pique your interest in the Clarkston business, then the menu will. Bring your appetite and your wallet because this is a place that will cause you to make withdrawals from your bank account regularly.

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