Detroit, I love you.

Dear Detroit,

While I was in Europe the past two months, you were deeply missed. No other city can quite compare to your industrial-chic flare.

First and foremost, the fashion:

People in Detroit dress wildly different from one another. individual style is prioritized in Detroit more than any other city I visited. From "Sad Art Girl" to "Haute Hippie" everyone in Detroit embraces and emphasizes their individuality through fashion and dresses to impress. People in Berlin dress a lot like new yorkers- dark colors, tight pants, leather jackets- very grunge start up in my opinion. the women IN italy wear sundresses and the men wear tailored suits (no complaints there). In Paris, women wear tight pants and a fashionable blouse, the men wear a mix of street style and suits.

In detroit, people dress in costume.

Picking out the perfect party outfit is an essential part of every weekend, in detroit. The best events require a new look, typically thrifted day of. 

(thanks Austin, Izzy, Eleanor, Bana, Christ, kay and birdie for the pics) 

Noteworthy nightlife:

Speaking of events, one of the most beautiful things about Detroit is the city's synchronized social schedule. you can count on your entire circle and extended circle to be at every important event.

The local celebrity vibes are real!

Detroiters love a good function. Few things get me more excited than a stacked lineup of events; party hopping from gallery opening, to concert, to after hours.

Photo from  The New York Times
Photo from  Metro Times

Photo from Metro Times

Not to be forgotten, the Food:

And let's talk about how blessed we are with delicious food. It's VERY rare to have the insane amount of quality variety Detroit's food scene offers. In Italy, the pizza and pasta are delicious but it’s nearly impossible to find a non-carb based dish. From Supino Pizza in Eastern Market, Peterborough in Midtown, YEmen Cafe in Hamtramck and everything in between - Detroit is filled with delicious restaurants serving every type of food you can possibly crave.

*photos from @marurestaurant @bestfooddetroit @thepeterboro*

Most Importantly, the Detroit mentality:

People in Detroit are unlike anywhere else in the world. Detroiters are the perfect mix of tough and tasteful, like, bringing a charcuterie board to Hipster Beach to luxuriously pass the time tanning (on a dirt patch). For every unpolished action there’s an equally fabulous and redeeming reaction. The city embraces the obscure and unusual with open arms and doesn’t profile its' people.

Photo from  Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

~some people may think the city has a bad rep~ 

I think they're not cut out for Detroit


All my love,

Boho Barbie