MoPop Rocks the Riverfront.

One of my favorite festivals, MoPop, returned to the Riverfront this past weekend for two days of sunshine, craft beer, and good music.

MoPop is the kind of festival a dad can feel good about dropping his teenage daughter off at.

Mopop 8.jpg

The event attracts people of all ages; the universally likable lineup, emphasis on food and drinks, and engaging activities offer something for everyone.

When Candice and the team surprised me with "welcome home" weekend tickets I was over the moon. 

Established in 2013, MoPop started as a one day festival at Freedom Hill before moving to the Riverfront in 2015. I've gone the past four years and feel like a proud parent watching the festival evolve and grow into a totally Detroit-centric event.

“Villages” are scattered around the festival grounds and make it easy to spend the entire day bouncing between stages and entertainment tents.

Mopop 7.jpg
Mopop 4.jpg

Food Truck Rally Alley was lined with the city’s favorite portable pop-ups. The Detroit Pop Shop was new to me, I had to try the Strawberry Lemonade Pop (two thumbs up).  

The Shipyard brought a more mature culinary crowd to the riverfront. Accompanying a Sugar House Pop-Up, the tent served longtime Detroit staples; Imperial, Slows, Griffin Claw Brewing Company and Blake’s Hard Ciders.

The Craft Bazzar was filled with local vendors selling quirky, one of a kind goods. Click here for a full list of vendors. J’adore favorite, Alchemy Henna, was stationed in the tent applying her beautifully intricate designs to eagerly awaiting concertgoers.

Last but not least MoArcade offered an air conditioned space for people to play old fashioned arcade games.

MoPop-perk: Festival sponsors like to go all out with their activation booths.

Mopop 2.jpg

Most notably- Mike’s Hard Lemonade set up backyard games like Connect Four, Ping pong and Jenga around a sample bar.

MoPop 3.jpg

Jumbo Jenga was a blast! Especially after a few samples…

MoPop 1.jpg

And the music!

On Saturday, Run the Jewels got the crowd hype and politically charged just in time for Phantogram to kill it on stage. Talk about a great show- she hit all of the fan favorites and had an electrifying stage presence.

Tbh I was disappointed with Foster the People. I was looking forward to hearing their classics, you know, the ones that played on every Pandora playlist back in 2012. Unfortunately they mostly played songs from their new album Sacred Hearts Club.

Day 2 brought better acts in my opinion.

Solange lives up to the hype and put on a phenomenal show. Her self-choreographed routine and abstract performance made for a memorable set and left me feeling woke. 

After, Alt-J wowed the audience and closed the weekend with a visually stunning light show. “Matilda” brought the crowd to tears - or maybe that was just me. Naturally they saved the best for last and sentimentally finished their set with “Breeze Blocks”.

MoPop 5.jpg


MoPop was a picturesque summer weekend in Detroit. As always, the festival brought good vibes, delicious dining, and great music to the Riverfront.

-Boho Barbie