Bastone Brewery and Jolly Pumpkin Team Up

Talk about the best Monday ever!

Ashleigh, Allie and I started our day at Bastone and Jolly Pumpkin in Royal Oak.

The grand opening is scheduled for tomorrow, August 8th. Lucky for us, Jolly Pumpkin invited media in a day early for a walk through of the new space (and lots of samples!)

Immediately, the new layout caught my attention.

JPR 3.jpg

The bar was moved from its previous spot against the wall to the middle of the restaurant giving the space an open layout. The copper bar top complements the white subway tiles and perfectly distressed wood trim. Funky vintage posters line the walls and beer bottle installations are used to divide the space. It looks very new and trendy.


A small, separate section of the restaurant AKA Monk Beer Abbey serves a Bastone specific food menu featuring Belgian cuisine. The wall is adorned with medals Bastone has won to remind customers it is one of the most highly awarded breweries in Michigan.

Beer Awards.jpg

Follow the stairs down to another bar. The wood paneling feels like you’re inside of a keg and the room has a lounge-y vibe. The corner couch looks very VIP, it would be a great spot to post for the night with the whole squad.

JPR Basement.jpg

(Please excuse the low light pictures)

Behind the basement bar, Bastone has an in-house brewery. Their signature flavors are prepped and prepared to serve fresh to customers.

After the tour, it was time to eat!

We tried the Short Rib, Spinach and Roasted Mushroom Sandwich, Perfect Fried Chicken Sandwich, Baked Feta Dip, Truffle Fries, and the South Pacific Pizza. We sipped on cocktails mixed with strawberry jalapeno infused tequila and another made with strawberry vodka, lemonade, and mint.

Yes, we did sink into a food coma on our back to the office.

The food was amazing, the Short Ribs were probably my favorite. They were served with potatoes, broccoli, sautéed onions and gravy- I will definitely be back for more when the cold weather comes.

Overall, Bastone Jolly Pumpkin is a cohesive addition to Royal Oak’s restaurant and bar scene. The food is delicious and the space is cool. I’m excited to hangout in the basement bar and call dibs on the corner couches!

Fun Fact: In celebration of the partnership, a new collaborative beer called "Co-Operation Ale" was created by Jolly Pumpkin's brewmaster Ron Jefferies and Bastone Brewmaster Rockne Van Meter.