JADORE EXCLUSIVE: Muralists in the Market

The market is thriving right now!

For the past week, Muralists have been working day and night to finish their pieces. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask the artists about their work, themselves and what they think of Detroit. Yesterday, I hit the pavements with a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque sense of journalistic empowerment and got up close and personal with the artists.

I saw a guy with paint on his jeans and figured he's probably a good place to start. I asked if he was a muralist and had time to answer a few questions for J'adore Detroit. He said sure but it would have to be while he worked. That was an easy yes from me, I climbed on the lift and we got the ball rolling. 

Denial Full Mural.JPG

After, I walked down Winder and ran into another muralist, I asked if he had time to answer a few questions. I was pleasantly surprised when he answered “sure” in an Australian accent. Turns out the muralist is Meggs, creator of one of my favorite murals in the market.


From there, I saw a golf cart filled with artist-type people. I asked if any of them were muralists and they were not but they told me to make a right and another right and I would run into a lot of muralists. I took two rights and came across an alley filled with artists working on their walls. The first, a bubbly girl wearing a pink scrunchie to match her mural.


Going down the line of muralists (literally), Anthony Lee was up next.


Next to Anthony, two guys were going IN on a mural. In hindsight it was probably a little rude of me to break their ironclad concentration... but I did. I watched in amazement as HOXXOH and Brian Lacey used a very specific kind of spray paint technique to bring their piece to life. Turns out the two were in a time crunch and only had the day to start and finish the piece.


At the end of the alley, a guy so cute I was almost nervous to talk to him was getting on his lift. I had a WWCD (what would Carrie do) moment and asked if he had a few minutes to talk.

Jonny 2 Good.JPG

After talking to Jonny I was satisfied with my interviews for the day and headed towards Supinos to reward myself with a slice. As I started walking through a parking lot, two guys waved me over.  (I guess I must have looked like I needed a friend, wandering alone through a parking lot like that?) Beau and Shark Toof introduced themselves and told me they’re muralists- perfect, because I’m looking to talk to muralists! Beau took me to Red Bull House of Art and showed me the mosaic he’s working on.


Finally, my work day was done. It was time to kill it at the gym and get ready for mingling with the muralists at Lincoln Street Art Park. The girls and I stepped on the scene glittered out and serving looks per usual. There’s a very specific hype around Lincoln Street Art Park, it’s like a mini Detroit Burning Man. My personal opinion-  if you’re not wearing fur, you’re not doing it right.

The perfect amount of scenesters were at the Park. Not packed, but enough people to feel like it’s a party.

I ran into Shark Toof and talked to him about life in LA and what he thinks of Detroit. Turns out he’s looking for a place in the area because Detroit is obviously the coolest place to live in the US. Here’s a video of his work that he showed me:

At 2:30 I called it a night. When all was said and done, and I was tucked in bed I couldn’t help but think my usual thought, “What a day. What a life. What a city.” Detroit is a crazy place and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Love, Light, and All Things Magical.

-Boho Barbie