Dally Like a Champ

Nothing compares to Dally Day in Detroit. Midtown comes to life with live music, vendors and a whole lot of drunk hipsters.

Dally can be overwhelming if it’s your first time. Don’t fear, I’m here to help.

A big breakfast is mandatory.

Day drinking is a commitment. Fill up before you drink up. Eat before you get to Dally or make a food truck your first stop of the day.

Be ready to shop until you drop.

Detroit has a ton of vintage boutiques that typically only sell online with the special exception of Dally. These vendors sell unique clothes for great prices. Take the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with one of a kind pieces. You won’t regret buying that vintage fur jacket, I promise!

Pace yourself.

Dally is a marathon, not a sprint. A professional Dally Day seamlessly transitions from pre-party, Dally, disco nap, after party and after hours. Tap out too early and you risk suffering a severe case of FOMO.

Photo from  Ketel One  

Photo from Ketel One 

Reconvene with your crew at brunch, on Sunday.

You’re bound to lose your friends throughout Dally Day and chances are you won’t even think about it until you wake up Sunday morning. Plan to rehash your adventures the next day over brunch. Nothing's more fun than telling your friends what they drunkenly did the night before. 

See you there

-Boho Barbie