Takoi Take Two

Let me be the first to say, Takoi is back and better than ever.

I laughed out loud when I heard Katoi’s PR plan for handling the “ladyboy” situation was to switch the “K” and the “T”.

I entered on Saturday night with a grudge... Until I saw what they did to the place.

The restaurant and bar are restored to their former glory- same vibey lights and industrial chic decor. New to the space is a shipping container, turned dance floor, extending off the bar. The addition brings new life to the bar while being isolated enough from the main dining area that it won't effect dinner service.

Takoi is officially entering night club territory and I couldn’t support it more.

Black Noi$e was the perfect act to book for their Labor Day debut. Rob Mansel always fills a venue and keeps the crowd dancing. Takoi will have no cover DJ sets Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

The club container leads to a fabulous outdoor space decorated with ambient lighting and outdoor seating. From the street, the chain link fence looks out of place, like a small prison compound. From the inside, the fence is a welcomed barrier from Michigan Ave and adds an interesting texture to the space.

Please excuse my lack of pictures, I was having far too much fun to photograph, here's what I could scrape up from the internet but you really must see this place for yourself. 

*photos from MLive and @nika.jusufi*


I still haven’t tried the food but I’m looking forward to the next show at Takoi.

-Boho Barbie