Last year certainly had its share of beauty trends that ranged from practical to downright unusual. This year, we have been on the look out for the hottest new trends, keeping us up to date on cutting edge looks. Find out about what products you should invest in to keep on top of the current trends.

lashes by @cupids_bow_artistry

lashes by @cupids_bow_artistry

Next Level Lashes: Long lashes are a trend that never really went away. Recently, we are seeing developments in mascaras that promise to boost lashes without resorting to uncomfortable falsies. These mascaras contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen which can aid in the growth of lashes. Others have tiny brush-on fibers that will add length and thickness immediately. 

Beauty Oils: It seems today there is a beauty oil for every skin care need. Whether you want to moisturize, get a dewy look, fade dark spots, take off makeup, or want to treat combination skin…we’ve got an oil for that! Also great for the body and can be applied on hair to eliminate frizz. 

Finding the Right Foundation: Exotic beauties bring an increasing need for foundations that suit a wide variety of skin tones. Following the success of the Fenty Beauty line by Rihanna, it is predicted that, this year, the industry will be providing a wide range of similar products that offer great bases for women no matter what their skin tone. 

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Extreme Lengths: The bob has been a long time staple for hair throughout the years. Could 2018 finally be saying goodbye to that trend? The new year seems to be supporting styles that are extremely short or extremely long and saying goodbye to mid-length hair fashions. 

Graphic Nails: Nail designs is another trend that has been growing over the years. This year, nail graphics are all the range. Think about negative space, geometric prints and minimalist accent nails. It may seem like a huge undertaking to create these designs, but with a less is more approach, its easier than you would think!

Bright Eyes: While smoky looks dominated the makeup world in 2017, this year is saying hello to bright eyeshadow colors and vibrant liners. Think about bold blues, sunny yellows and fiery oranges. There are a number of great online tutorials that can help you to apply these colors so that your eyes come out looking great. 

via @earthling.botanicals

via @earthling.botanicals

Facial Rollers: These beauty products are great for depuffing skin and tightening pores. Ice rollers can be stored in the freezer and then gently rolled on the face to soothe and prep skin. 

All in One Kits: Who doesn’t like to get more bang for their buck? All in one kits provide value and convenience with products that often feature a brand’s bestsellers and can combine beautiful colorful cosmetics with base coats and grooming tools. 

Lip Tints: Although these products are made to only add a hint of color to the lips, they are a pigment that provides a long lasting tint that gradually fades over time. Some have shiny overcoats while others add subtle color, but the nice thing is, their natural look never gives the appearance that color needs to be reapplied. 

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Wet and Wild Hair: Rocker chic looks are all the rage this year and can include messy bedheads and super slick styles. Comb hair back and add gel for a wet look. For imperfect waves, a good curling wand can come in handy.

The coming year promises some adventurous fads and it will be interesting to see which stand the test of time. In the meantime, which of these beauty trends will you be incorporating into your everyday routine? 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit