Holiday Shopping: How to Earn Cash at the Same Time

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

I absolutely LOVE buying presents for people but find it almost impossible to get out to the store. I also have a habit of buying on the one-for-you, one-for-me policy. Because, let’s be honest -- it’s really fun to treat yourself.


Thankfully, Jewel ( has come along to save me from my holiday shopping struggles.

Haven’t heard of it? Jewel is a cash-back retail site that specializes in designer and luxury brands. Members sign up, shop online and earn real money back on literally every purchase. It is also founded and based in Detroit, making it easier to shop tops brands that were previously out of reach.  

So, I had heard of Jewel before, but always figured cash-back sites were like the unicorns of shopping and all had the same stores and discounts.  I went for it and made my first personal and holiday purchases the other day and I loved it.

 Off first glance, the Jewel homepage has tons of my favorite brands in one place and is super user-friendly and easy to navigate. Considering I’ll be buying gifts for multiple people with different interests, this makes it super easy to cover all the bases in one stop.

The site also has tons of brands that don’t typically offer discounts. It’s like an underground shopping site of secret rewards.  Who doesn’t like rewards?

After browsing through my favs, I went to the CB2, Madewell, and Neiman Marcus sites to get my shop on. CB2 is a favorite from my Chicago days, Madewell just moved in downtown on Woodward, and NM Troy is one of my staples but hard to get to with my busy schedule as often as I’d like.  As you know, I prefer to shop local as much as possible, but by supporting Jewel – it allows me to also save when I support local.  Boom.

From the Jewel website, I was taken directly to the store’s website. I did all my shopping and cashing out directly on the stores sites. It was as if nothing was different, except I got rewarded for shopping.

Hello, no brainer! Needless to say, I’ll be doing my holiday shopping via Jewel all season long – and then some.

I’ll be doing a partnership with Jewel throughout the season. So, look out on @jadoreDetroit for the Jewel story to be unboxed. Don’t forget to share tag us if you use Jewel too and show us what you got!

CLICK Here FOR a link to $5 off upon sign up. HAPPY SHOPPING!