Spicing Up Your 9-5 Fashion

Who says getting dressed for work means you have to look boring? There are tons of ways you can incorporate cute styles into your every day work wear and have some fun with your professional look. Buying key pieces can help give your wardrobe a fashionable edge while still letting your boss know you mean business. Read on to find out how you can fashionably spice up your 9-5. 

Try a tailored blazer: A tailored blazer can add sophistication to any look. You can wear it over a sundress, or pair it with jeans or some printed slacks. Buy a few in neutral shades to start. Then, get daring by trying this classic look in bold prints and bright colors. 

Photo via  Express

Photo via Express

Button-Down Tops: Adding a few of these to your work wardrobe may seem like a no-brainer, but getting a few well-cut button downs can really lend something to your workday look. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless, these shirts can be comfortable in any weather and can also complete your look whether they’re prints, neutrals or in colors that really pop. 

Photo via  J. Crew

Photo via J. Crew

Blouses: Take your button down look a step further with a super feminine blouse. They make it easy to incorporate prints, colors and fun ruffles and bows! They also make a great pairing with slacks or jeans.

Photo via  Express

Photo via Express

A Classic Watch: In a professional setting, it’s important not to forget to accessorize. Though costume jewelry can be fun, a classic time piece can create a more professional appearance and an air of punctuality that can put you over the edge. Anything goes in watch fashion, but a smaller face may be a better choice over a trendy oversized look. 

Photo via  Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Dress Pants: While jeans might work on casual Friday, it’s also great to have a couple of pairs of slacks for a more formal look. Tight, high-waisted looks can give a neat and professional appearance as can a classic wide legged cut. Try classic colors or prints and pair with a sleek white button down for a chic and simple look. 

Photo via  Talbots

Photo via Talbots

The Polished Black Pump: In the office, different type of shoes are becoming more widely accepted. That being said, you really can’t go wrong with the classic black pump. This footwear staple will make for a great tailored line with a skirt or pants. And who says they have to be high heeled? Lower heels and flats make for attractive, dressy looks as well. 

Photo via  DSW

Photo via DSW

Dresses: Although some may immediately associate dresses with an overly formal look, they can actually be cute and casual easy-to-wear pieces. The best part is, being that they are just one piece, you never have to think about what to wear them with. Just put them over your head and go!

Photo via  Amazon

Photo via Amazon

Black Flats of Loafers: Take those black pumps down a notch with a casual, comfortable flat or loafer. These will work with almost any look, give a professional appearance and be a versatile choice for those of us who have to run from location to location.

Photo via  JP Crickets

Photo via JP Crickets

Midi Skirts: Another super feminine work day solution, these skirts are comfortable, professional and stylish. Their mid calf length makes them a great companion for a pair of riding boots. For a lightweight look try pairing them with sandals. 

Photo via  SilkFred

Photo via SilkFred

Tote Bag: Another accessory to think about is the handbag…and why not make it a tote? Their oversized appearance is fashionable but also practical for when you’re on the go and need to carry some vital extras like paperwork, a spare lipstick and even a second pair of shoes. Best of all, they work in a variety of colors, ranging from basic neutrals to primary tones.  

Photo via  Etsy

Photo via Etsy

So this year, when you’re looking to spice up your work wardrobe, why go with the old standards? Think outside the box to make for a fun holiday look. These get pieces can set you in the right direction for a new, professional you.