Schvitz Yrself Clean

On the corner of Oakland and Melbourne, The Schvitz Bathhouse is discreetly disguised in a seemingly vacant building.

Photo from  Curbed

Photo from Curbed

The industrial-looking front door opens into an elaborate entrance, a grandeur chandelier welcomes visitors into the space. Ring the doorbell and guests are buzzed into *The Schvitz*.

Established in 1917 as a Jewish community center, the space is over 100 years old and radiates history. In 1930, the pool and sauna were built and The Schvitz was born. Yiddish slang for “sweat”, the bathhouse has a history of mafia meetings, swinger nights, and one talkative parrot named Nemo.

Photo from  Jacob Mulka

Photo from Jacob Mulka

In 2017, Paddy Lynch bought the business and revitalized the club into a communal hub of wellness, conversation, and camaraderie. The renovated space reopened in October 2017 with a new vibe and a strict (bathing suit mandatory) co-ed policy.

Photos from Jacob Mulka

The Schvitz is a lifestyle.

Always BYOB and food friendly, for $30 a session, guests can comfortably spend hours lounging at the beautiful club going from steam room, to pool, to relaxing upstairs, and back again.

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I went for Ladies Brunch, on Sunday, and it revitalized my soul for the coming week. The atmosphere is body positive, friendly, and fabulous.

On the main floor, miniature spa services like facials, manicures, and hair masks are offered for $5-$20. Each week, different vendors are brought in to create unique experiences for guests.  On the particular Sunday that I went, tarot readings were available for $10 and The Velvet Tower had a pop-up boutique selling robes fit for a queen.  


Ladies Brunch is 12-4PM on Sundays. Get there early to take full advantage of the four-hour time slot. Brunch is potluck style, bring food and bubbly to share.

This is a very inclusive atmosphere. I went alone and was completely comfortable.

Paulina Petkoski, co-founder of PLAYGROUND DETROIT and regular Schvitz-er, says her favorite thing about the club is that it brings people together without the distraction of cell phones.

On Sundays at 4PM, the sauna closes for cleaning and reopens from 6-10PM for co-ed hours. Guests are welcome to come back for a second session.

Photo from  Jacob Mulka

Photo from Jacob Mulka

The sauna is lined with benches made from imported Redwood and leaves skin literally glowing.

My complexion was RADIANT the following week.

Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower.

Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower.

For thirty dollars- a day at The Schvitz is a steal.

The Health club is a favorite among the creative community and is an ideal place to take visitors for a truly unique, Detroit experience.

The Schvitz looks and feels like a Los Angeles spa thanks to Paddy Lynch’s impeccable eye for interior design and talent for creating luxurious environments.

Schvitz on, people

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