See Forq at Otus Supply, on us!

Forq, a New York-based quartet of epic proportions is bringing their signature sound of improvised jazz and groove to Otus Supply, on February 19th, and we've got tickets to give to YOU!

Get to know the band in a #JadoreExclusive interview with keyboardist, Henry Hey. 

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Who // Forq Keyboardist, Henry Hey

What // Groove and Jazz

When // 7:00 PM, February 19th

Where // Otus Supply

How would you describe Forq’s sound? 

"Forq is a band of guys who like a lot of different music.  In one sense we are sort of a jazz band in that we play improvisatory groove-based music, but we all tend to like to push the music into sound spaces that are strange and quirky -- perhaps even humorous.  At times we have a harder 'rock' sound than some other instrumental groups and at other times we play some things that harken to music of another era with maybe some 'spaghetti western' influences.  All of the music is original and composed by the band members." 

Why should people come to the Forq show at Otus Supply?

"Because it's the most fun you can have on a Monday night!!  We promise that you won't be bored. And the beer and food at Otus Supply is well worth the trip." 

What’s your most memorable story on tour? 

"We've traveled enough at this point to have quite a few stories, but perhaps one of the most memorable has to do with a place where we stayed last fall.  At times, we find ourselves staying in large homes (AirBnB) and often that's a great situation for all involved.  While we were touring in the south, we ended up in a home of someone who was clearly a free spirit.  As we walked into the house, this guy had a wall-sized video mural running 24/7.  All sorts of images were projected... ALL sorts.  In addition, he was obviously an avid collector of many things including vintage luggage which was placed all over the room.  The centerpiece, however, was an active collection of guitar effects pedals (30 of them perhaps?) -- in a feedback loop -- which he used to create noise.  When you pressed one of the pedals, the result would be this sort of howling or screeching noise that varied depending on which pedals you turned on.  At first, we thought that it was a bit nuts, until we tried it out. We found ourselves up at 3 in the morning after our performance -- 'playing' this bizarre contraption and laughing our heads off."   

Is this the band’s first show in Detroit?   

"We played at Cliff Bells back in 2014."

How long will the band be in Detroit, what are you looking forward to doing while you’re here?

"This will be a very quick stopover as we will be coming from Chicago on the 18th and moving on to Toronto on the 20th.   In Detroit?  We hope to have a few good beers - which we know that Otus Supply can provide."   

Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board) Chris McQueen (Guitar)  Kevin Scott (Bass) Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums) 

Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board) Chris McQueen (Guitar)  Kevin Scott (Bass) Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums) 

Make Monday fun with a night of live music, craft beer and delicious eats at Otus Supply on February, 19th.

See you there!

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