8 Workout Trends You Need to Try

Everyone has different goals when it comes to staying in shape, new developments can be helpful in offering the best ways to stay healthy while avoiding injury. Right now there's an emphasis on getting your sweat on in the comfort of your own home which can be achieved by any of the below: 

Kate Lazarski at Jabs Gym via Detroitisit

Kate Lazarski at Jabs Gym via Detroitisit

Boutique Boxing: Whether you’re hitting a bag or throwing punches in the air, boutique boxing is not only a great way to stay in shape, it’s also a great way to relieve stress. Don’t worry if you can’t get to the gym to take advantage of this high energy workout, there are also plenty of at home programs that allow you to access this kind of training without having to leave your living room.

Functional Training: This is defined as a type of exercise that aims to allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life without injury. Mainly functional training consists of weight training which targets the core muscles and lower back. 

Although functional training has long been incorporated into workout routines, current trends will see the increased use of barbells, medicine balls, resistance bands and plytometric training in this sort of HIIT exercise. You may also see more functional training classes being offered at local gyms.

Increased Focus on Recovery: The world of exercise has often incorporated high intensity workouts, which some individuals might perform up to seven days a week. This year, workouts will focus more on recovery including short breaks from exercise, active rest, myofascial release and sleep. 

Cryotherapy via Troy City Cryolounge

Cryotherapy via Troy City Cryolounge

Hot and Cold Treatments: Looking further into the’ focus on recovery’ trend, cryotherapy is gaining popularity. During this treatment, individuals are exposed to sub-freezing temperatures post workout. This is said to benefit the body by speeding up muscle recovery and reducing inflammation through the constriction of blood cells. Those that partake in cryotherapy should see an improvement in blood flow and less overall pain. It is recommended for professional athletes who train at high levels. 

Others concur that heat offers the best recovery from workouts. Though some fitness studios and gyms have already installed saunas for post workout relief, as of now, there seems to be little scientific evidence backing up heat therapy’s benefits.

Virtual Reality: There will an increased use of 3D technology incorporated into workouts. Examples of this will include yoga studios with sound baths and spin studios including these elements in their sessions. Instructors will be able to take you through journeys which include storytelling, varied tempos and inspiring music. All this should serve, not only to make individuals more inspired during their workouts but to provide perspective on life’s challenges. 

At Home Workouts: With all the new fitness trends emerging, it seems there are a wide variety of gyms and fitness studios popping up, offering the latest in exercise. But those that prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes can also reap the benefits of advanced technology. Many businesses will expand to offer live streaming workouts allowing at home fitness buffs to take advantage of the latest training craze.

Meditation on the mat via Citizen Yoga

Meditation on the mat via Citizen Yoga

Meditation: Meditation has been synonymous with health and fitness for quite some time, and it’s expected to be incorporated into exercise routines even more so in the coming year. Strength training is being looked at to improve cognitive function and mental acuity so many workouts are offering a five minute before or after meditation session. 

Breathing Techniques: Meditation and yoga often focuses on breathing techniques. This year, these techniques will not be confined to yoga studios only. One breathing method, called the Valsalva maneuver, is being used in many weightlifting workouts, involving taking a deep breath before lifting and holding it as you lift.

So, it seems the emerging trends seem to be favoring an attitude of keeping healthy in the body and mind and not overdoing it when exercising. Of course, not all types of exercise are for everyone and those that are looking to change their routines should use caution to avoid injury. 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit