Warrior Strong

Four years ago, when majority of my friends packed their bags for Ann Arbor, East Lansing, or Grand Rapids, I chose to live in Detroit and go to Wayne State. Today, I’m getting ready to graduate with a Bachelors in Public Relations and Communications and a killer resume to match.

Photo from  Knight Foundation

Going to Wayne State was the best decision of my life and I encourage anyone looking for a unique college experience to consider WSU. When I was in high school, people dismissed Wayne State and didn’t consider it a good option compared to other colleges in-state. I am here to assure you that is not the case. Wayne State is an amazing school and you are in for the experience of a lifetime going to college in Detroit.

Wayne State students are independent, career focused, and one of a kind. There is no traditional mold at Wayne State, students are in class with people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Being a part of a diverse student body teaches you not to judge or stereotype, I’ve learned to embrace differences in others and myself.

Photo from  Crain's

Photo from Crain's

Students have the advantage of going to school in a growing city, desperate for young talent.  Internships are abundant in the city and help students start to build their resume while still in school. Throughout college I’ve worked part time. Instead of only identifying as a college student, I’ve found fulfillment balancing my school schedule with jobs relevant to my career path.

Instead of the typical college experience of tailgates and frat parties, Wayne State students spend their weekends at art gallery openings and techno shows. Personally, I find so much more enjoyment going to events with a purpose; a concert, a gallery opening, a pop-up dinner, than the average college party. It helps to alleviate binge drinking culture commonly found on college campuses because students aren’t bored and trapped in the middle of nowhere with no outlet.

Photo from  Wayne State

Photo from Wayne State

I would not be the person I am today without the diversity, grit, and opportunity at Wayne State University. I’m proud to be a warrior and encourage you to chose WSU too.


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