Not Sorry Sustainable Detroit Panel

Not Sorry Sustainable Detroit

Come join me on Thursday, June 21st from 7-8 pm at Grand Circus, 1570 Woodward Ave. to discuss sustainability in Detroit. I’ll be moderating a panel hosted by Not Sorry Apparel to discuss the collaborative efforts of different retailers and thought leaders in community who work toward a sustainable future for Detroit.

The discussion will focus the culture of collaboration and education, as it addresses the actionable items being taken to make an inclusive sustainable future in Detroit.

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Not Sorry Apparel unapologetically allows people to express themselves while combating the pollution problems of the growing garment industry. By re-branding & upcycling pre-loved garments, they provide stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces that customers can afford and feel good about wearing.

Meet the Panel:
- Amy Kaherl, Director of Curation, Ponyride
- Kristin Shaw, Manager of Digital & Social Media, Cobo Center
- Taylor Thorn, Marketing Coordinator, Rebell Nell


Hope to see you there, 

xoxo - Candice