Women in Detroit Business: Sitara Bird

Last week we sat down with Sitara Bird yoga teacher, wellness babe and overall amazing human being to chat about her morning routine, how she balances regular life and wellness and more!

What studios are you currently teaching at? 

sb ~ I teach yoga at all three Citizen Yoga locations as well as barre at Above the Barre X in Grosse Pointe Park. 

What does your morning routine look like? Teach us your ways! 

sb ~ My morning consists of rising at around 6:30am.  I brush my teeth, my hair, throw my contacts in, wash my face and then head to my french press.  While waiting for the water to boil, I'll mix juice from half a lemon in alkaline water and sip on that until the french press is ready. I usually let Mukti out and feed him breakfast. While drinking coffee, I take time to read whatever book I'm engulfed in at that time.  I do my best to limit social media, phone & computer use for the first hour or so upon being awake. Then I usually head to teach or take class! 

What three things would you recommend people incorporate into their everyday life to make them a bit healthier/happier? 

sb ~ Drink enough water! Take your weight and divide it by 2 and that's how many ounces of water you should be aiming for each day.

~ Eat the rainbow. Literally. Fill your plate with as many different colors ensuring you receive adequate nourishment from (preferably) plant based sources.

~ Movement. Make sure you're moving in some way everyday. Whether than means a short 20 min walk or going to take a boxing class.  There are so many different types of fitness out there. Keep trying them until you land on one you love!


What are your go to products and how have they helped you? 

sb ~ I'm a huge fan of everything Tropeaka.  They are an Australian superfood company that offers anything from plant based, vegan protein powder to goji berry powder.  If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should! The consistency in their product as well as their wonderful customer service has turned me into a loyal customer of theirs.  

~ The second product I could not live without is my Fré Skin Care set.  I have highly sensitive skin and Fré has been my one saving grace in avoiding dermatitis and clogged pores.  As a yoga teacher, I'm always moving between hot and cold environments and every other face wash and moisturizer I've tried just hasn't cut it.

~ Lastly, my jade roller from Herbivore. Jade rolling stimulates your lymphatic system. I use it as a nightly ritual to destress, attune to my breath and just simply wind down.

Top 3 favorite workouts right now? 

sb ~ Barre, HIIT/plyometrics and yoga!

King dancer

King dancer

How do you balance regular life (like eating out and drinking) when you work in the health space? 

sb ~ Honestly, my husband and I do are best to stay in and make our own meals. When I do eat out, I'm specific about where I grab food from. Some of my favorites are Inn Season in Royal Oak, Om Cafe and Greenspace in Ferndale. As for drinking, I just reserve it for special occasions. 

Speaking of regular life, we heard you're married to the bassist in Will Sessions (the local Detroit funk band who just played Movement!) How is it being married to an artist who tours all over the world? 

sb ~It's AMAZING. I grew up in a very musical household. Coming home for teaching to hear Tim practice bass or make his own electronic beats is so serene. It's incredible to be engulfed in sound and have art woven into our daily lives. I couldn't imagine not having that. 

Sitara in front of Red Hook Coffee in the West Village.

Sitara in front of Red Hook Coffee in the West Village.

You have 55,000 followers on Instagram! Care to share your fave editing apps/camera setup/social media hacks?

sb ~ Ohh yes! My favorite editing apps are Lightroom, VSCO and Instasize. Everyone always asks who takes my photos. If it isn't clearly stated, you can assume it was my husband!

Biggest accomplishment to date personal or professional?

sb ~ So far, becoming a full time teacher has been my biggest accomplishment. When I was still working in the corporate world, even the THOUGHT of taking this leap of faith, was terrifying enough to make me hold on to what was comfortable. Fortunately, I didn't listen to that voice, and I did take that leap of faith which I am forever grateful for. I can't imagine not teaching full time.

After all of your success, what is your biggest struggle right now? 

sb ~ Time management. As my schedule and social platforms continue to grow, I've been offered many collaborations with brands and created long lasting partnerships with companies whose messages I believe in.  However, managing time still can throw me through a loop. It's easy for me to get swept away with work. Creating time for self care has been a priority for me this year. 

If you could give one piece of advice to every woman in Detroit, what would it be? 

sb ~ You're current story has nothing to do with your past. Unless you give it the power to do so.

What are you most excited about this summer/this year? 

sb ~ So many things! I'll be teaching this summer at a few different local festivals, including, Flow in Color and Barefoot and Free. My husband will be touring Europe. We have a few camping trips planned. I'm excited to soak up these long summer days.

Where can people find you to connect?

sb ~ On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook either @sitarabird or for my website just search Sitara Bird.