Detroit's Best BBQ in Honor of the Fourth of July

If you’ve read any of my blog posts before, you know that I love writing about food. A lot. With the 4th of July being tomorrow, I obviously started thinking about allll of the good BBQ that I’d be eating in spirit of the birth of this nation. Chicken! Fruit Salad! Surprisingly good baked beans!

But what if you’re lazy af like myself, or just don’t have a grill? Unfortunate things like this happen! But! Don’t fret just yet, because I’ve decided to compile my top BBQ joints in the Detroit area to pop by around the holiday.

How else will you cure those savory and smoky cravings?

Slows Bar BQ— Detroit, MI

Photo via Trip Advisor

Photo via Trip Advisor

This one is clearly a no-brainer. Arguably the hottest and busiest BBQ eatery in the area, Slows is a Detroit classic. With a rustic interior, comforting sides like mac-n-cheese and cornbread, and clever sandwich names like “The Genius,” Slows is a Corktown classic that’ll reliably satisfy all of your BBQ needs.

Vicki’s Foods, Inc.— Detroit, MI

What if on top of BBQ, you also have a hankering for…shrimp? You’re not out of luck, because Vicki’s Foods is known for their French fried shrimp. This timeless shop, which has been serving up classic BBQ for 57 years, is also known for its quick service. Those on a time crunch— this one’s for you!

Nunn’s Bar-B-Cue II— Detroit, MI

This no-fuss joint is perfect if you’re looking for all of the classics. Staying open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Nunn’s is perfect for late-night cravings. They also serve up family-sized helpings, which is great if you’re bringing others with you.

Rogue Estate BBQ— Ferndale, MI

Photo via  Eater Detroit

Photo via Eater Detroit

As if you didn’t already know, all of us at J’adore are OBSESSED with the food truck trend. That’s why Rogue Estate, or RE BBQ is a must-visit on this list. Though they only serve on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, RE BBQ is another great option for the on-the-go eater. You don’t have to stop everything you’re doing just to get some good ribs (or you shouldn’t have to).

Lockhart’s BBQ— Royal Oak, MI

Photo via  Eater Detroit

Photo via Eater Detroit

If long menus don’t intimidate you, Lockhart’s is the place to be. Serving up southern BBQ staples like fried green beans and pulled pork sandwiches, along with twists of favorites like mac-n-cheese shepherd’s pie, you’ll be able to find something to chow down on. They even have a breakfast menu too— who says you can’t have grilled food first thing in the morning?

While these are just some of my favorites, the list of quality BBQ places in Detroit is nothing less than exhaustive. Wanna share some of your frequents with me? Comment below! I want to eat as much food as I possibly can this holiday!

Stay hungry (and patriotic),