Behind the Scenes at Cirque du Soleil CORTEO

The j’adore Detroit gals were so kindly invited to come get a behind the scenes-sneak peak to the Cirque du Soleil CORTEO show taking place at Little Caesars Arena this weekend.

Let me just say WOW! Talk about physical fitness. Shortly after our arrival we were invited to a front row view of the performers practicing before the show. These guys definitely get some air. I have never seen anyone so effortlessly leap from the ground to a narrow beam high in the air. Nor have I ever seen four people doing flips over a bar in unison.

As I am writing this out, I realize that my words could never do justice to the amazing acts performed in front of us.


After watching the performers practice and show off some of their best tricks, we were invited back stage. How freaking cool! There were all types of props including a GIANT chandelier that the performers would hang from and MEGA-sized helium balloons that would lift a woman off the stage and into the audience. She would literally be pushed back into the air by the audience like a life-size beach ball. I mean “what in actual insanity?”


 Our tour guide and publicist (who was amazing) then took us to the other side of the stage to see some of the other props, such as mattresses converted into trampolines. Our guide informed us when the Cirque du Soleil CORTEO show travels, it takes 21 semi-trucks to transfer all  the equipment! There is so much equipment, props and physical training that goes into this show, it’s mind-blowing.

 It was such a pleasure to get a behind the scenes peak what goes into putting this spectacular event into action.

Candice was lucky enough to go to the opening show last night, and let me say, “I am so jealous!” If you get the opportunity Candice and I highly recommend you make your way to LCA this weekend to see the show for yourself!

Tickets are still available at!