How to Pack for a Trip to Detroit

Finding cool places to visit and terrific dining hotspots can all contribute to the makings of a great vacation. But what you pack can really make or break a trip. I mean, how many of us have fallen victim to a pair of uncomfortable shoes, clothing that wasn’t warm enough and, of course, the dreaded overpacking! Being familiar with the climate of the city you are visiting and making smart choices when packing can really make the difference between a great vacation and a…well…not so great vacation. If you are planning on visiting Detroit, here are some things you might want to know to ensure you have a bomb trip.

Detroit weather tends to stay pretty moderate. If you can avoid inclement weather, post-holiday winter travel can be a great way to take advantage of low rates. If you are thinking of visiting a cold destination like Detroit during the winter, here are some great tips for traveling light. 

Detroit in the winter. Photo via  pointfocussnap  on Tumblr

Detroit in the winter. Photo via pointfocussnap on Tumblr

Make a Checklist in Advance: Consider what items you absolutely must pack and which you can do without. Items that you might eliminate include electronic gadgets that aren’t as necessary as others. Books, magazines and jewelry and other accessories might be eliminated. You might also want to consider just buying toiletries when you get to your destination.

Choose the Right Fabrics: Think about not just the items you are packing, but the fabrics they are made of. Recommended fabrics include wool, Gore-Tex, spandex, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Cotton, and all forms of cotton, should be avoided. This is because it absorbs water and will not help insulate you if you sweat or are exposed to moisture. Opt for materials that are lightweight, quick drying and versatile. 

Wear Heavy Items on the Plane: Heavy items like parkas, down coats and heavy boots should be worn on the plane. Scarves, gloves, hats and earmuffs can be stashed in a carry-on. This will help to keep baggage rates lower and also make sure you are ready for the cold weather upon arrival. While on the plane, you can remove these items for comfort. 

How To Pack: There are many ways you can pack your items so that they don’t take up too much space in your luggage. Some recommend packing cubes although others claim they will add weight to your luggage and opt for Ziplock-like storage bags. Others say that rolling your clothing instead of layering it is the best way to go. Rolling the clothing has been known to cause wrinkles, but packing wrinkle proof fabrics may be a smart way to get around this. 

Wash Your Clothes While on Vacation: Although some of us may dread doing any sort of household chores while on vacation, doing a load of laundry may be a great way to help you lighten your load. Consider packing one week of clothing for a two-week vacation and just doing a load of wash in between. You can use a sink or laundry mat and the drying process can be quick and easy if the recommended materials are used.

That leaves us with the most important part… the shoes! No matter where you are going, always factor in for plenty of walking and consider the weather. There are plenty of cute and comfortable choices for footwear if you want to make sure your tootsies don’t hurt and you still look stylish in your vacation photos. 

Now that you know what to pack, and how to pack it, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start making your travel arrangements! Detroit is just one of many fabulous destinations that could be awaiting you for travel, no matter what time of the year it might be!