Trends to Say Goodbye to in 2019

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Trends come and go and with all the recycling of fashion, it seems like nothing is truly ‘out’. But fashionistas should beware, because not all style trends stay with us and no one wants to hear the phrase “that’s so last year!” If you are looking forward to doing a bit of wardrobe cleaning in 2019, here are some items you may consider saying goodbye to, along with some rockin' replacements.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops: We loved these when Jennifer Beals rocked them in the 80’s and it comes as no surprise that they should ride the wave of that era’s fashion revival. But even though these tops look sexy, let's face it, they are uncomfortable, impractical and constantly need adjustment. Stylists predict this look will fade into oblivion in the year to come.

Try instead: Turtlenecks. Hey, they're polar opposites, but it's winter girl! You have to stay warm somehow.

Photo via  Club Monaco

Photo via Club Monaco

Impossibly High Heels: It’s hard to imagine that there will ever be a fashion world devoid of high heels, but designers and fashionistas are starting to make that move.

Try instead: Kitten heels. They're subtle and comfy, which is practical for any 9-5.

Photo via  J.Crew Factory

Photo via J.Crew Factory

Crop Tops: Another fashion that rose from the ashes of the 80’s, stylists predict these to be short lived as well. New fashion is putting on emphasis on the shape of the bust and the cleavage.

Try instead: Fitted tops. They can still cover your whole torso, but are still sexy.

Photo via  Target

Photo via Target

Random Cutouts: This is another fashion that has recently emerged and is predicted not to last long. While some see how they can be sexy, the fashion forecast predicts that we will one day look at pictures of ourselves wearing these articles of clothing and wonder…’why?’

Try instead: Sheer blouses. They still are a bit revealing, but still have full-coverage at the same time. 

Photo via  ASOS

Photo via ASOS

Yoga Pants: Though these may still be a good look for the gym or as lounge wear, wearing yoga pants as daywear is not expected to be a lasting trend. 

Try instead: Joggers. They can be dressed up or down, and are still endlessly comfy.

Photo via  Old Navy

Photo via Old Navy

Claw Nails: Lately, it seems as if nails are all the rage, and that trend is expected to continue. However, although outrageous designs are expected to persevere, lengths will be more conservative, with an emphasis on comfort and practicality.

Try instead: Bold colors like yellow or red. These stand out in a positive way!

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Oversized Glasses: Geek chic and admittedly cute, but stylists are predicting that this is a trend that has run its course.

Try instead: Frames designed for your face shape. We all have different facial structures, so finding a pair designed for yours can be incredibly flattering.

Photo via  NY Eyecare

Photo via NY Eyecare

Corset Belts: A favorite of the Kardashians, corset belts were often paired with sheer, ultra-tight garments. This is another trend that is expected to fall by the wayside.

Try instead: Classic leather belts. These never go out of style, especially if it's brown or black.

Photo via  Etsy

Photo via Etsy

Millennial Pink: For those who aren’t aware, this is a salmon, pale pink, beige shade that seems to be popping up everywhere. Although the shade is flattering that can stand out while still working as a neutral, it has been trending for quite some time.

Try instead: Gen-Z Yellow. Give this generation a shoutout with any shade of yellow. Our vote is for mustard.

Photo via  Cosmopolitan

Photo via Cosmopolitan

Trends can be fun, but it’s important to know when to let go. Looking at the year ahead, it seems as if we are moving towards more comfort and practicality, which is a safe guide for predicting why some looks become classic while others come and go. What fashions will you be saying goodbye to when doing your spring cleaning?