Marche Du Nain Rouge: A Guide to Detroit's Mardi Gras

The Spring Equinox is upon us. So, you know what that means… It’s time (once again) to chase that nasty Nain Rouge out of our city!

Since 1701, The Nain Rouge has been an indicator of doom to come in Detroit and for those who lay eyes on it. As the tale goes, the founder of Detroit, Cadillac was the first person to suffer at the hand of the dreaded Nain Rouge. The red harbinger of doom didn’t stop then. There have been seven reported sightings of the Nain Rouge that were all followed by destruction in Michigan.


Let’s march through Cass Corridor and reclaim our city from the devil!

Bring your friends, family and doggies out to taunt and hackle the Nain until we banish him in time for a peaceful spring in Detroit. Meet fellow parade goers at the corner of Canfield and Second at noon to show off your red attire. Think Detroit-style Mardi Gras when looking for outfit inspo. Be bold, be creative, most importantly dress in the color rouge (red.)

The march down Second street begins at 1pm and ends at the historic Masonic Temple. The parade commences with a lengthy taunt from Nain himself to get the crowd riled up. We need everyone to show up and boo the Nain until he is vanquished.

The fun doesn’t stop once the parade has ended. Make sure to check out some of the Marche Du Nain Rouge after parties!


 The official Marche Du Nain Rouge after party is at Masonic Temple. But, my personal favorite after party takes place at The Old Miami. The turning of the weather makes for the perfect atmosphere for a backyard style party on the patio. Not to mention, Nothing Elegant will be spinning music which guarantees a dance party!

 I would say just about every bar in the Cass Corridor will be throwing down before, during, and after the parade.  Some honorable mentions are: Honest John’s, Temple Bar, Selden Standard, Traffic Jam & Snug, Detroit Shipping Co., and The Bronx Bar.


Pro Tips:

Eat: Be sure to get your brunch on before you partake in the days festivities. Day Drinking is a much better idea with food on your stomach.

Parking: There will be some street parking available. It’s also Sunday, which means it’s free! If you have trouble with that, will be lot’s. Most of which are probably free on Sunday. If not, there will be Wayne State lots around charging $7.75.

Transportation: Making sure you have a safe ride to and from the parade is essential. LYFT is offering 25% off a ride to or from the event with code: NAINROUGE

NO OPEN CARRY OF ALCOHOL: Reminder! The open carrying of alcohol is illegal at the parade. Don’t let the popo’s ruin your good time with a ticket!

See you there!

xoxo, Lately with Lo