What You Missed at Movement 2019

 We already know there is no techno party like a Detroit techno party. But, let me just say our city threw the F* down!

All the beautiful and beautifully strange people who came out to celebrate last weekend made it one to remember.

 And, might I mention this was the “Year of the Booty.” While everyone was out there shaking their thing, some were letting it all hang out. It was mesh overlay-thongs-and a whole lotta ass showing off in Hart Plaza. Now, I am not the one to rock this look – but some of you have really been working out & it shows! Go ahead sis


 Now, you know we saw some great ASSetts, but we some amazing DJ sets too. I have to say, Disclosure is hands down the best DJ set I have seen thus far. If I could replay this performance over-and-over again, then I would die listening to Latch ft. Sam Smith. Guy Lawrence (one of the two brothers that make up Disclosure,) announced it was also his birthday that night and there was nowhere else he would rather be than playing for us in Detroit. Although it was his birthday, I am certain it was present for us!

 I couldn’t have been more thankful for my media pass that allowed me access to VIP areas throughout the festival. I enjoy a good festival, but there is something very nice about personal space and air-conditioned bathrooms. With that being said, I HIGHLY recommend splurging for the VIP wrist band! To level up one more – do what you have to do to get a pass for the Redbull VIP area. This gave us access to a grass covered lawn area where FREE drinks were served all weekend long. Even in the VIP area the lines can be mega long and the drink prices are outrageous (as to be expected.) So, trust – the Redbull area is the way to go. Not to mention – you can exit it right alongside the Redbull presents stage which will land you front row for your favorite artists.

I knew Day 1 would be really hard to follow up but knowing of the great headliners that lie ahead were enough to get me moving. Upon arriving to the festival I quickly realized underestimated the drop in temperature from the warmer summer night before. Thankfully there were tons of vendors set up so my sister and I could buy sweatshirts. I wouldn’t have made it without one! I am also now the owner of a very adorable Detroit Hustles Harder cropped hoodie.

 Now that I wasn’t freezing cold we hung out at the pyramid stage to enjoy the view of the river and check out the art installation designed by artists Kevin Lyons. His infamous little monsters were the perfect little misfits to represent the collective group of people at the festival. It was also the perfect breeding ground for people to let their freak flag fly and prime for people watching. Once we got in our dose of weirdness we were ready to get our dance on to Fisher. The Australian producer had the crowd “Losing It,” for sure. It is always a tough toss up when two artists you want to see are playing at the same time, so we left the set early to see the ice cream man at the Redbull presents stage. It was sooo GUCCI and put us in the right spot to see local artist Danny Brown. I wish I could tell you that I had enough stamina to go to the festival all three days. Perhaps I gave Grandma Techno a whole new meaning because I was whopped. Luckily, I have a whole year to recover before diving into another weekend of beats, bass, and very late nights in the city in the world for a techno party!

kevin lyons.jpg

Til’ next year Detroit,

xoxo Lately with Lo