5 Nutrients to Increase Before Summer

There is nothing like a change in weather to boost the morale of a whole state! This warm weather has me itching for more sun, time on the lake paddle boarding, hiking our gorgeous parks, and pretty much any adventure you can name—thanks to the ladies at j’adore Detroit; they always keep us in the know!

As we pass through spring on our way to summer, it’s important to intentionally help the body transition and prepare for the upcoming season. Here are 5 nutrients to begin increasing to ensure your mind & body will thrive for all your summer shenanigans:

  • Sunshine:

    While we still have dips in temperature, the days are longer and the sun is OUT and shining so much more. Start taking advantage of the extra light now to maximize the light of our short mid-western summers.

    Increased exposure to natural sunlight will gradually prepare your skin for more time outdoors, regulate hormones by helping balance your circadian rhythm, improve moods, enhance sleep quality, & boost vitamin vitamin D levels - a steroid hormone which actually helps protect your body from cancer.

  • Celery juice:

    To amplify your summer glow from the inside out, you’ll want to start drinking 16 ounces of fresh pressed celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I love celery juice for four main reasons: what it does for my complexion, mental clarity, energy, & inflammation levels.

    Celery, an herb often mistaken as a vegetable, contains valuable mineral salts that help break down and destroy pathogens in the body. This is huge when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body, but also helping improve gut function and strengthening the immune system.

    Your joints and summer activity goals will thank you for reducing inflammation that can build up from sugary treats, heavy meat consumption, and increased alcohol over the winter months!

    To deep dive into the benefits of celery juice, check out the Medical Medium’s blog here.


This mineral is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that carry out many essential biochemical reactions in the body. To name a few, Magnesium allows muscles to properly contract and reduce muscle cramps, improves nerve function, promotes healthy thyroid, regulates blood sugar (glucose) and blood pressure, and helps the body produce energy (ATP).

With higher intake of processed foods and depleted soil, this mineral is often depleted in 70% of individuals.

Check with your preferred physician to see where your levels are, but always begin supplementing with real food first.

Great sources of magnesium can be found in: dark leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, almonds, cashews, pecans, high-quality dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher), black beans, dates, and seaweed. Magnesium can also serve as a helpful, natural, sleep-aid to improve the quality and quantity of rest. Check out Magnesium Calm, a powder that you can make into a hot tea while you wind down each night.

  • Fiber:

    Fiber is so cool because it is one of the nutrients that is not broken down or absorbed by the body but one that is necessary for optimal health. According to Dr. Steven Masley, fiber helps improve blood sugar control and the usage of insulin by slowing the release of sugar in the bloodstream, reduces the build up of arterial plaque by helping lower LDL cholesterol, and improves several cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure.

    Since fiber does not fully break down, it also serves as a cleaning service for your intestines! Perfect for spring and clearing out heavier foods from the winter months.
    Examples of fiber include, but are not limited to: red leaf lettuce, collard greens, sweet potato, bananas, apples, strawberries, beans, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. Simply increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will increase this helpful nutrient.

  • Blue Green Algae:

    The most common forms of this algae in the marketplace are spirulina and chlorella. These are deeply pigmented single cell algae that take energy from the sun and convert it into various minerals and protein required by the body.

    Plants are notoriously knocked for not having enough protein, but chlorella specifically is 50-60% protein, and what’s more is that it is a COMPLETE protein. This is also a rare feat for most plant protein sources, however, a complete protein means that it has all nine essential amino acids the body does not produce on its own and therefore requires from food sources. Additionally these powerhouse algaes contain various b-vitamins (B1,B2,B3), iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and trace amounts of most other minerals needed for the body.

    *With everything in nutrition, specifically supplements, look into the exact growing conditions and how the supplement is processed to ensure it is of the highest quality and will pack the punch it’s meant to. Look for organic growing conditions and low-heat processing.

Each of these five nutrients are meant to gradually prepare your body for summer and increased activity by decreasing inflammation, removing waste, and strengthening your body’s reserves of valuable vitamins and minerals.

What summer activities are you gearing up for? Share in the comments below!

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Always rooting for you,