TRAVEL GUIDE: A Week in Nosara, Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to go on a week long excursion to Nosara, Costa Rica with 48 of my best friends through Citizen Yoga. Before I get into the day by day breakdown, I can say that this was one of the best experiences EVER. I met so many awesome fellow citizens and made lifelong friends. I can't wait until next year! But until then I've bottled up some zen'd out tropical vibes to carry me through the year. HUGE SHOUTOUT to Kacee Must, Sitara Bird for making this trip so truly special and inspiring! NOW, your guide to a week in Nosara is below: 

Kacee leading final shavasana.

Kacee leading final shavasana.


Noon: Fly into Liberia take a 2.5 hour shuttle to Nosara. Nosara is known for it's yoga, picturesque beaches and cute little beach towns. Definitely a must visit and where we stayed for the week. No matter how you cut it, the travel to Nosara is going to run you about 10-15 hours. The plus? The time change doesn't suck! Only 2 hours different than Detroit. 

4:00 pm: Check-in at Lagarta Lodge. Lagarta is a boutique hotel at the very top of the mountain in Nosara. With two infinity pools, a hot tub, nature reserve all over looking the jungle, it's an amazing spot. 

6:00 pm: Gentle sunset yoga at Lagarta. 

7:00 pm: Dinner at Lagarta. Lagarta's dining room, just like their pools overlook the ocean and jungle. It's an incredible view and the food isn't too bad either. Fresh fish, lots of vegan options - all organic too. Oh and the cocktails - Best Piña Colada I've ever had! 


7:15 am: Rise and shine yoga at Lagarta. The sun rises at the crack of dawn literally, so you naturally wake up around five or six am anyway. 

10:00 am: Time to relax! Spend the day hanging by the pool, ordering cocktails poolside - they have a pool attendant and getting some much needed sun! Make sure you're applying sun screen every hour (or even more) the sun is HOT down there so close to the equator. 

6:00 pm: Get a Tuk Tuk (little three wheeled car) to town and eat dinner at Beach Dog Cafe. Get the trio of dips and fish tacos. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. 


7:00 am: Hike the four mile nature reserve on the Lagarta property. See monkeys, snakes, the biggest palms EVER, birds you've never seen before and more. It's truly magical. 

10:00 am: Breakfast is complimentary at Lagarta to enjoy some café con leche and fruit. 

Noon: Walk along the beach until you run into La Luna. Sit on the couches, watch the waves and order a watermelon margarita (or two). If you love it as much as I did you'll stay for lunch and maybe even dinner. 

2:00 pm: Go buy a six pack of Pilsen & takeout tacos from Rosi's in town - A great little spot where all the locals eat. Chill on Playa Guiones for the rest of the afternoon. Watch the surfers come in for high tide around four o'clock. 

5:00 pm: Take a walk through downtown Guiones and grab some grub from Mario's Chinamito and a juice from Juices CR and then Tuk Tuk back to Lagarta to watch the sunset, usually around 6 pm. 


7:00 am: Silent mediation walk down to the black sand beach that Lagarta sits on. Walk along the beach and listen to everything awake around you. 

9:00 am: Breakie at Lagarta. 

10:00 am: Get a Tuk Tuk or walk the 2 kilometers to Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. This place is truly special and has a variety of classes from Vinyasa, spin, TRX, HIIT and sound baths. Take a couple classes and then head to their poolside cafe for lunch before 2 pm. 

3:00 pm: Travel back to Lagarta to relax/nap to make sure you're well rested for Taco Tuesday. 

6:00 pm: One of my favorites from the trip: Margs & tacos from El Chivo on Playa Pelada (between Lagarta & town). Get the pollo taco and an XL tequila lemonade. 


8:00 am: MOOD of the day is RELAXATION. Start your day off with a massage or bamboo wrap at Lagarta. 

11:00 am: Tuk Tuk into town and grab lunch at El Manglar, a little bit off the beaten path in town. Beautiful views for lunch. 

1:00 pm: Go shopping in town! Make sure to stop at Love Nosara (cutest beach gear) Bazzar (custom made dresses) & pop in the local mall that has take home gifts for friends!

5:00 pm: Head back to Lagarta and watch the sunset from your private balcony hammock. 

7:00 pm: Dinner at Lagarta. What you're ordering: Salmon! 


6:00 am: Tuk Tuk down to Playa Guiones and rent a surfboard for $10. Take a stab at it or get a surf lesson from Coconut Harry's. I suggest Harry's because it's the most well-known in the area.

Noon: Grab lunch at the acclaimed La Negra. Super fresh EVERYTHING. 

1:00 pm: Siesta because you were up early surfing. Sleep on the beach or head back to Lagarta for some A/C action. 

5:00 pm: Sunset rest and relaxation yoga at Lagarta, followed by a hot tub/Piña Colada sesh and dinner. 

View from Lagarta

View from Lagarta


6:00 am: Wake up to your last day in paradise with a 75 minute Vinyasa yoga class at the lodge followed by breakfast. 

9:00 am: Get poolside at Lagarta and soak up every last bit of that Costa Rican sun. Remember SPF. 

Noon: Walk down to the beach and find the taco guy walking along the sand. Some of the best tacos I've ever had! No idea what kind of meat I was eating but those tacs were DELISH. 

3:00 pm: Head back to the lodge and get ready for some live music, local brews and more tacos! 

7:00 pm: Beach Dog Cafe strikes again! Enjoy some bites and libations while listening to a local cover band they have every Friday. Want to karaoke? Get up there and sing because PURA VIDA!


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