Fashion You Need to be Rocking Right Now

With 2018 right around the corner, I’m sure we are all in panic mode about one thing for the coming year…What am I going to wear???! Well, never fear, we have a fashion forecast that will provide you with information, not only about the latest styles in clothing and accessories, but also hairstyles and healthy and beauty trends. Read on to find out about what looks and products you should be keeping your eye on. 

Statement Earrings: With a general rule of the bolder the better, these babies aren’t going anywhere. Try oversized hoops, tiered gems, exotic beads and funky tassels.

Berets: 2018 is saying “oui, oui to these fun fashion accessories. Muted tones, dark reds, bejeweled or bright, you just can’t go wrong! 

Cleansing Oils: This latest beauty obsession uses good oils to get rid of bad oils in your skin while providing antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. Sounds like a win win to me! Check out Alchemy Slow Living Double Cleansing oil

Embellished shoes from Zara.

Embellished shoes from Zara.

Embellished Shoes: It doesn’t matter if they’re pumps, flats, sneakers or loafers…as long as they got the jewels! Rhinestones, beads and even pearls can all make your shoes the star of your look. 

Wide Leg Pants: Remember when skinny jeans were all the rage? Well, we’re not saying skinny jeans are out, but we are saying you might want to try something totally different for some high fashion variety. 

Lip Tints: These days, it’s all about those smoky eyes. To really bring them out as the focal point on your face, you might want to complement them with lower key lips. These lip tints will let them know that your eyes may be the stars of the show, but your lips are still a sexy co-star.

Finding Your Foundation: Creating a great palette could be key in making for a great finished appearance. In the coming year, cosmetics companies are giving you the power to find your perfect skin tone shade for a great starting point to your made up look. 

Derma Rollers: One of the latest advancements in cosmetic technology, these devices work to rebuild collagen under the skin to eliminate imperfections. Although there are mostly positive reviews on this product, consumers are advised to do their homework before purchasing. Or you can just go to FACE and get some treatments

Side slit dress from Zara.

Side slit dress from Zara.

Side Slits: Although this may commonly pertain to skirts, it can also be seen on shirts, tunics and even pants. We LOVE tunics in the winter time with leather leggings to hide the behind over the holidays.

Old School Denim: Forget about the low rise and skinny waist… these are your regular straight leg, high waisted gems….and they’re pretty cool!

Anything Goes Hair: And we say thank goodness! From slicked back to wavy and wild, get out your gels and curling irons, or just wash and wear! We’ll also be seeing extreme lengths that range from short pixies to Age of Aquarius ‘long as you can grow it’!

Patent leather leggings from Artizia

Patent leather leggings from Artizia

Patent Leather: Has this sexy material ever really gone out of style? Wear it black and bold or loud and proud!

Long Lashes: Another classic fashion, lashes can never be long enough. Although falsies are fabulous, there are also tons of tricks of the trade to give you longer looks, not to mention the variety of new ‘pumped up’ products on the market.  

Geo Nails: Nail art is back in a big way and geometric shapes are an upcoming sleek and modern look. Try bold colors against a black or white background or neutrals against a clear polished look. 

Wearing Vince jacket, Target tee, Aritzia & Marc Fischer heels

Wearing Vince jacket, Target tee, Aritzia & Marc Fischer heels

Long Layers: No, we’re not talking about hair! It’s long layered clothes that are all the rage! Try a loungey sweater, cape or kimono over a pair of jeans or a long skirt. We have been modeling this trend for as long as we can recall.

Sheer Socks: What could be cuter for a simple look that can work well with a semi-open heel or flat? Check out sheer colors with cool designs.

Bright Eye Shadow: Harkening back to the neons of the 80’s, when we’re not going smoky, we’re going electric with hues like bright greens, pinks and yellows. 

From clothing to accessories to beauty, here’s what we’re looking at for the coming year. What will be your new fave? 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit