Let's Party: Hour Best of Detroit Party

We’re gonna be partying with HOUR Detroit in Eastern Market coming up on June 29th and wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of some of our faves we will be seeing at the party. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets HERE for Hour Best of Detroit Party!

Detroit Blows- Best salon for a blowout. Tell us about it. Even though they won't be at the party per say we’ll def be there pre-party for a blowout. Shoutout to our girls, Nia Batts & Katy Cockrel who developed the idea for Blows out of their frustration of not having a convenient place to get their hair done in Detroit - something we've been annoyed with for years! The blowout itself ranges from a half hour to an hour depending on hair length - so you're in and out and looking fab in a relatively short period of time. They have five base styles you can choose from -  we would legit wear any of them. They are simple, versatile and current. Overall, the blowouts are great and lasts for days!

Buddy’s Pizza- There are so many great places to get good ‘za around Detroit, but how many can say they created the Detroit Style pizza? One. Buddy’s who was voted best multi-location pizza in Detroit, AGAIN. Buddy’s has been around since the 30’s, created the square deep dish of deliciousness in the mid 40’s and have been crushing the pizza game and getting crushed on by Detroit natives and visitors alike ever since. They are an institution, a destination and a tradition. Swing by any of their locations across the city for all the yummy cheesy pies. You’ll def see us chowing down come the 29th!

Supino's zaaaaa

Supino's zaaaaa

Supino’s Pizzeria- You cannot possibly have thought we would bring up pizza and not mention our neighbors in the market! Right? Supinos took home the win for best single location pizza joint and we couldn’t agree more, I mean we eat here every week. If you haven’t had it this place is great for Friday dinner, hangover/ lazy Sundays, or even a quick slice. New York we are not, but we will gladly accept their delicious pies, and Supino’s does it right. They have hot slices of cheese and pep ready to roll all day! If you’re getting a whole pie you have to try their Verdure e Funghi, the best (mushroom) pizza I’ve ever had.

Parc- Right in the center of all the happenings in Campus Martius Park and overall downtown Detroit area this place is a haven from all the hustle and bustle, and they have some great food and drinks. Parc took the gold for best street-level window seating and let me tell you the people watching is great! Our fave is their brunch menu and highly recommend getting the Brisket Hash and to hit up the Bloody Mary bar, spicing your Sunday up like you mean it!

Ashe Supply- Voted best Independent Coffee House, with a location across the street from the Detroit Opera House and a second next to Atwater Brewery in Rivertown. Accessible from most places near downtown, they brew their own small batches of beans they craft roast. It’s truly an aromatic experience. Honestly, it is some of the best coffee anywhere. Not only do they serve great coffee and beverages but they have excellent breakfast options too. They carry some killer bagels made by Detroit Institute of Bagels, who also won HOUR’s “Best Bagel” category!

Slows BBQ- Voted best barbecue and best ribs in Detroit. NO LIE! A Detroit favorite for the last 13 years and a cornerstone for the revitalization of Corktown (you’re welcome Ford). These guys have been drawing in crowds from all around and have been published in national news as well as TV shows! Slows is def a must for people wondering where to take out of town visitors!

2018 Citizen Yoga retreat in Costa Rica

2018 Citizen Yoga retreat in Costa Rica

Citizen Yoga- Best yoga studio in Detroit? Royal Oak? Bloomfield Hills? Citizen! You may have even recently seen that I enjoyed an amazing trip to Costa Rica with this kula. Such a great experience, I can’t wait to go to Tulum this year. Now with three locations and growing, class is in session literally all day. On top of that, their yoga instructors are warm, inviting and full of encouragement to citizens of all skill levels! Swing by for a walk-in course or register on the Mindbody app.

Sounds like a rad time doesn’t it? We hope to see you there!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit