How to Check Your Alignment

Life is constantly seeking to be in a state of homeostasis or balance. However, energy is dynamic, constantly ebbing and flowing to counterbalance previous reactions in pursuit of finding a perfect balance.

Everyday the body faces different stressors from rapid weather and temperature changes, allergens, environmental toxins, overwhelm at work, life transitions, lack of sleep, angry _(boss, spouse, friend, etc.)_, bacterial and viral strains, fear of disappointing ______, news, world events, processed food, etc. that pull us out of a balanced or aligned state.

The list of stressors goes on and it is remarkable what the body is able to tolerate and still perform at relatively high levels. Think about it though, without little to no help from us (lack of movement, unhealthy food choices, high stress environments, high levels of caffeine and substances to ‘keep on, keeping on’) the body is able to put up with A LOT.

In addition to these stressors, we are also faced with more distractions than ever making it easy to go through the motions and lose sight of how “misaligned” we are becoming until something BIG gets our attention.

So how exactly do you check your alignment?

First, let me clarify that as a trained Health & Transformational Life Coach, when I speak about alignment I am not referring to the structural alignment of your spine or specific lab and diagnostic work. Always consult with a medical professional on a regular basis to understand your inner homeostasis (hormone, vitamin & mineral levels, etc. ) and what, if any, medical intervention is needed.


My question to you is, “Right now in this moment, what do you need to feel your absolute best? What is going to feed & nourish you on a physical (energy), mental, and emotional level?”

How do you know what you need? Developing a mindfulness practice allows you to understand and communicate with your body in a deeper way. It is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment experience instead of allowing it to drift into thoughts from the past or in the future.

5 Steps to Check Your Alignment:

Take your time reading through each step to notice what comes up for you as you imagine implementing this practice into your routine consistently.

  1. Create space & stillness around you

    • The more you practice different mindfulness techniques like meditation, visualization, breath work, tension release exercises, etc. the easier it will be to focus your mind in busier environments

  2. Close your eyes & use your breath

    • Begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow each inhale to deepen more with each breath and each exhale to be slightly longer than the inhale. Slowly begin scanning from the top of your head all the way down to your toes, noticing places of tension along the way. Take note of more tender areas and honor what is happening in your life that may have created the tension.

  3. Ask and listen

    • What am I feeling right now? (Tired, stressed, scattered, anxious, frustrated, excited, etc.)

    • How is my energy, mental clarity, & focus? What does my physical body need to feel its best right now?

    • What, if anything, do I need to let go of? (Anything lingering that is no longer serving you such as a poor meeting, disagreement, mistake made, etc.)

    Continue to use your breath while asking yourself these questions, releasing a bit more tension with each exhale.

  4. Make a decisions and act

    • What decision can you make in the moment or within the next 24 hours that will help move you towards a more aligned state?

      1. Have you been going at a rapid pace at work and need solo quiet time to recharge?

      2. Are you needing more water, movement, healthy eats, or sleep to revive your physical body?

      3. Are you feeling mentally scattered and need to create some organization in your physical environment?

  5. Honor your pace

    • While you can check-in with yourself quickly, depending on what is transpiring in your life you may need more time if you wish to fully process what is coming up for you.

WY4_6835 - resized.jpg

We all require different things at different times. By creating a few moments of peace & stillness to check-in with ourselves we are able to quickly learn what that is. I’m curious, do you have a similar practice that you do already? Which of these steps comes most naturally to you and which one do you need to be a bit more intentional about this week?

Pause, breathe, listen.

Always rooting for you,


P.S. When we experience misalignment in our lives, a feeling of our internal environment not matching our external environment, it can create feeling of frustration, anxiousness, or depression. Head over to to learn more & check out the Alignment Grid!