Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup. It can be a way to cover flaws, brighten up your look or even make a creative statement. But it can only work effectively if you are applying your makeup correctly. There are many makeup mistakes that are made all too often, that can completely defeat the purpose of wearing it. Being aware of these common mistakes can help you to avoid making them, keeping you looking your best. 


Wearing the Wrong Shade

This mistake can occur with almost any kind of makeup you wear. Here are some tips to finding the best cosmetics shades for you:

Foundation: Try two shades that you feel are closest to your skin tone. Apply both to your skin and look at them under natural light. Use your judgement to see which looks most natural.

Blush: Blush should complement the natural blush tone of your skin. If you wear a bolder lipstick, opt for a subtler shade of blush. 

Concealer: Most make the mistake of choosing a concealer that is several shades lighter than their foundation. However, rather than hiding flaws, this tends to draw attention to the area. As a general rule, find a peach tone that will counteract dark blue and purple tones that can appear under the eye. 

Eye Shadow: Go for a color that will bring out your eyes, rather than match them. Blue eyes will go well with shades like brown, copper, bronze or plum while brown eyes will go best with blue, purple, green or mahogany. 


Powder can create a great matte look for skin, but, if not applied correctly, it can give a heavy look to the face and skin. Here is how to avoid the dreaded powder faux pas.  

Applying too much powder: This can make the face look heavy and cakey. The best way to avoid this from happening is to blot film papers throughout the day to absorb the oil. You can also use a light mist of Evian spray water to counter an over powdered look and make skin look dewy. 

Powdering in the wrong places: Avoid an over powdered look by applying it only where it is needed, not all over the face. The T-zone is usually the best place to apply powder since that is where skin is most oily. 


Eyebrows are a big part of your overall finished look. Many struggle to get that perfect brow look, but with a few simple pointers, you should be on the road to a great made up appearance. 

Over-Exaggerated Eyebrows: Bold eyebrows make for a great look, but they are not for everyone. If you have thin eyebrows and overcompensate with eyebrows that are much darker and fuller, it will result in a harsh appearance. Brunettes are advised to go a shade lighter than their natural color while blondes and redheads should go a shade darker. It’s a good idea to brush hairs up with a clear brow gel and then darken in as needed.


Lashes are another part of the makeup application process that can work subtly to really give your look a boost. With lots of long lash looks coming into play this year, it’s important to know how to give your lashes length without overdoing it. 

Applying too much mascara: Outrageous lashes are all the rage, but applying too much mascara can result in clumps. To build volume without clumping, apply the first coat by holding the wand horizontally at the base of your eyelashes and wiggling upwards. This will serve to separate lashes. For the second coat, hold the wand vertically to build up length and curl. 

Using too much glue on false lashes: If you opt for falsies to get that super long look, be sure not too apply too much glue. Using just a minimal amount of the glue, gently coat the rim of the lashes and wait 30 seconds while the glue becomes tacky. This will provide time to allow the lash to stick on without slipping around. 

Curl Lashes Last: Mascara can provide a gooey surface for lashes that may make curlers stick to them and even rip them out.  It is best to curl lashes before applying mascara. You can recurl lashes after application, but be sure to make sure mascara is dry first. If you don’t let the mascara dry, you will be looking forward to sticky lashes that are stuck together. 

Are you guilty of any of these makeup mistakes? If so, no worries! Now that you have these great tips to improve your application habits, you should be looking forward to easier makeup application and a great new look!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit