Meet Samantha- Our New Wellness Guru!


My name is Samantha Schmuck or Sam to keep it simple. I am a Detroit native and the Founder of Revived Living, a health & lifestyle company. I’m excited to be your resident wellness columnist to help shed some light on the wellness world so you can feel confident and excited to become your healthiest yet in 2019.


Each year new diets, superfoods, and trends emerge that are MUST try. They often have valid scientific data, yet can completely contradict each other - a.k.a paleo vs vegan. It’s not only confusing, but can make you feel like your efforts won’t be directed in the right place - so why bother?

Well, I’m committed to making wellness simple, approachable, and fun because it’s not about reaching a certain number or size. It’s about ensuring your health and vitality so you can make the most out of this one life you’re given in whichever way that means for YOU.

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Before health and wellness became my professional pursuit, it was a personal one. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics, but by the time I turned twelve I began to experience chronic inflammation in every major joint of my body. Despite every test, pill, and modality western medicine could think to offer the only solution, a year later, was to quit gymnastics and “rest” until the pain subsided.

I rested for as long as I could until it was clear that rest alone was not the solve to my problem; I needed to explore other alternative medicines. During this time not only was my physical body in crisis, but so was my mindset and identity as I had lost the one thing that my entire world was built around.

I’ll pause that story, for now, as we are just getting to know each other, but it was seven years before I got my first answer that began making a true difference - learning I was gluten and dairy intolerant. A lot happened during those seven years that made me want to help as many people as possible avoid experiencing what I did.

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I’m a nerd at heart and would be perpetually in school if I could! To pair what I learned through my personal journey of reviving my own health, mindset, and self-expression, I received my bachelor’s in Health Coaching in addition to several advanced coaching certificates from Health Coach Institute where I also created and taught several programs.

The moral of this story is that I once gave up hope on my life. I didn’t think there were any answers for me and I didn’t want to live a life full of pain and suffering. While externally not much has changed, my mindset and perception of myself could not be more opposite and for that I am beyond thankful. While I still have chronic pain to a degree, it no longer defines me or stops me from living my life to the fullest.

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Our health + life begin to change when we commit to taking the first step...and then the second...and so on. Each step is a choice and it’s yours to make. Being healthy today is so not the bland, restrictive, kale & quinoa life that you may be bracing yourself for.

You can move as slow or as quickly as you’d like, but I am here to keep you moving forward no matter the pace. Stay tuned to learn more on movement, mindset training, self-care, and other healthy living hacks to make wellness attainable while still living your life!

Here’s to making 2019 our personal best and having one hell of a time doing it!

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Always rooting for you,