Seamlessly Transitioning Your Summer Staples into Fall

by jonnellebird, stylist & model

So, it turns out getting laid-off and having limited income really changes your relationship with shopping and expendable income purchases— speaking from personal experience. Regardless of situation, for most of us, expendable funds ebb and flow. Now that I am not refreshing my closet as frequently as I used to (or would like to), it has forced me to re-style and re-purpose many existing pieces of my wardrobe, while also encouraging me to think differently about how to make more sustainable choices— either through extending the life of my existing garments and/or making targeted purchases.

As we move in to fall, figuring out what to wear, how to make the most of your summer items, and prioritizing key transitional items to purchase can— at times— be confusing, frustrating, and intimidating.

Fear not! As a stylist, I love helping others with exactly this; below are my top ways for extending the life of your favorite summer staples and transitioning them in to your fall wardrobe seamlessly:


to keep rocking those sandals & peekaboo shoes you love.

Not only are (stylish) socks one of my favorite accessories year round, they also provide the perfect reason to extend the life of your favorite summer footwear. I recommend opting for a pair of sheer, patterned ankles socks or, for more coverage, some knee-high knits.

Jonnelle B-8480.jpg
Jonnelle B-8513.jpg


for an instant fall vibe.

All the boots, all the time. I wear boots with anything and everything but my favorite way to style from summer to fall is to take that go-to dress of yours and just add the damn boots. Pair those ankle booties with socks for additional warmth. As for specifics, I am still not over leopard print boots. Additional favorites include over the knee boots and combat boots— both make a statement.

(2019 is the year for pattern-pairing… and CHECK OUT those leopard boots!)

(2019 is the year for pattern-pairing… and CHECK OUT those leopard boots!)


This is my favorite way to create art out of clothing; it is all in the details! I am definitely a maximalist; the more patterns, layers, colors, textures, the better. It can be overwhelming for some though, so one of my favorite ways to start is by adding a collared shirt (like these) and layer it under any of your favorites - a dress, another shirt, a sweater... you get the point. It gives a nice little SURPRISE and adds an element of fun!
If that is not your style, another favorite is taking that go-to summer skirt or dress and adding a pair of jeans underneath for an edgier (warmer) approach. Two ways to achieve this:(picture) remove the under layer and go sheer with jeans + unbutton the bottom of your dress or skirt to show your jeans underneath.


For me, in the summer I go for less layers and less constriction and therefore less belts. By fall I am ready to break out all my favorite belts. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a statement belt. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a boxy look (regardless of size!) but as I start to layer, a belt is the perfect finishing piece. This season western inspired belts are all the rage.

Jonnelle B-8534.jpg

AND IF you are feeling bold, do all of the above together!
Whether you love the idea that fall is approaching or view it as a (dreaded) bridge to winter, I challenge you to live in the moment, get creative, and have fun with fashion by making the most out of your summer favorites and transitioning (stylishly) in to the fall season.

Okay, GO!
xoxo, jonnellebird

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