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Hey you,

I’ve got a story for you. It started when I moved back to Detroit after living in Chicago for ten years. I wanted to be closer to friends and family so I packed my bags and came back to “my roots.” But I never expected the city to take hold of me the way it did. All at once, Detroit felt familiar to me-- like I belonged here instantly and without question.

I started exploring on my own. I began fielding questions from friends: What’s the best restaurant? Where should we try this weekend? J’adore Detroit evolved out of my desire to be a resource for people like me who were moving back to the city (or who’d been here their whole lives) and didn’t know where to go or what to do. I wanted to make people fall deeply in love with the Detroit I was encountering.

And that’s where you come into the story. We crafted this site to be the ultimate insider’s guide to all things Detroit.

We promise to keep things unconventional and flavorful (in pure Detroit fashion) through curated content and diverse pieces on the regular. We’re here to dish out the best of the best when it comes to fashion, wellness, arts, and culture-- so dig in.

Consider us to be your trusty guides and on-call locals when it comes to Detroit. May you explore without hesitation and have your own intense love affair with the city we call home.



 "Detroit is the most beautiful juxtaposition between darkness and light. There’s an intoxicating sense of magic and hope in this place.  This city holds grit, resilience, and love within its lines. At the heart of it is the pulse of artistry and industry coming together as fuel to drive our fiery spirits forward. We’re evolving as we go. We’re Detroit and we’re here to stay.”


Candice Simons



Candice Simons is the mastermind behind j'adore Detroit.  If you have some time to listen with a glass of wine, she’ll tell you all the reasons she fell so hard for Detroit after moving back to Michigan. J'adore Detroit is the product of that intense and unexpected love affair.

This insider’s guide to the gritty city is the cultivation of all the things Candice stands for—good causes, local innovators, authentic culture, and entrepreneurs on a mission to make Detroit vibrant and vital. Along with numerous girl boss accolades, Candice is also a restaurateur and the founder of an award-winning advertising agency with its roots planted deep in the city.

As her footprint expanded, Candice made it her mission to create a space where her eclectic taste and desire to host could come together. From that, The Loft was born. Candice loves curating a space that feels like home-- to Detroit natives and transplants, alike-- while crafting experiences and events that bind brands and people together.

When she’s not working and checking out the new Detroit scenes, you can find Candice on your local news channel, dreaming up and designing unexpected pairings for her collection (always a mix between classic, playful, and eclectic), traveling the world (Bali is her favorite place), or hanging with one (or all) of her 15 (yes, 15) best friends who’ve known each other since preschool.  

You can follow her outside of work on Instagram.




Lauren Van Haaren is our resident foodie and cocktail guru. Her personality is equal parts girly + grit, just like Detroit! Lo is about the Detroit hustle. As our hype girl publicist, Lo is always looking for ways to connect local entrepreneurs and the media.

The grind doesn't stop there-- Lo is a PR gal by day and a bartender by night. Find her behind the bar at Ironwood Grill slanging drinks and sharing laughs. When she’s not documenting her life in the D, you can find her zen-ing out at Detroit Yoga Lab. Pro tip: try Naomi’s heated yoga class, the infrared lights are everything.

Lauren is here to give you the Lo-down on food, fashion, and all things bizarre (but beautiful) in Detroit.




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As the Marketing & Communications Assistant for j’adore Detroit, Eileen “Neens” Martin has quickly become a secret weapon on our team, lending us her social media skills and rockstar attitude. Neens is a senior at the University of Michigan- Dearborn, where she is in school for Marketing and Communications.

When she is not writing for the blog, you can find Neens shopping at some of the best thrift stores around Detroit. She always has the coolest finds, and let us be the first to declare it — no one rocks a trouser pant like Neens. During her downtime, Neens can be spotted at some of her favorite Detroit-area bars sipping on a vodka soda.

Neens has dubbed this as “the year to make things happen”!  Watch as she breaks out of her comfort zone and falls more in love with Detroit.





Samantha is our Detroit wellness guru. Through establishing her company Revived Living, her personal experiences, and working with hundreds of clients on their health journey, Sam discovered health, mindset, and expression to be the three crucial components to reviving your life. Sam has completely reset her life in her recent move back to Detroit and has already fallen in love with the people and all the city has to offer.  

When she is not bringing life and radiance to anyone she touches, you can find her dancing, moving, creating, and exploring her new surroundings. She believes when dreams and reality collide, beautiful things can happen.  

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Courtney is j’adore Detroit’s contributor for all things service industry while blazing the trail to destroy intolerance. She grew up playing in dry storage of her parents’ restaurant and now spends her time creating engaging content and narrative for Detroit’s industry through her company Spoonful of Ink. After spending time studying creative writing at Western Michigan University (and the Czech Republic – pivo, prosim!), she began contributing to our blog as well as for Pussy Magic, Roaming Hunger, and other publications. Look out for her blogs in which she shines a spotlight on the badass, hardworking women in Detroit’s hospitality industry.

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